05 April 2014

Gwenan international

5th April 2014
The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, Glasgow

Greeters- Alys Owen & Jenny Lewis
Corporate Photography area. Backdrop by Mhari McMullan
Wales International- Kathryn Ashill, Rhiannon Davies, Rebecca Gould
Toilet art- Victor & Hester with Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison, Carla Novi
Ceramics- Sally Hackett, Garnet McCulloch
Performance- Seppo Salminen
Video- Erica Eyres, Casey O’Connell, Ani Schulze, Kelli Sims, Kari Robertson, Geneva Sills, Zoe Williams
Palm Reading- Rika Watanabe
Viewing Tables/short-term solo shows- Stefanie Cheong, Gwenan Davies, Sofia Duchovny, Ross Hamilton Frew, Villu Jaanisoo, Sukaina Kubba, Marlena Morris, John Nicol, Jon Thompson, Mimei Thompson
Text/Readings- Jennifer Bailey, Beatrice Brérot, Scott Rogers, Tian Khee Siong, Victor + Hester and more tbc.
Also- Brandon Cramm, Prawns Pee, Amy Stickland

Images currently unavailable for for Sofia Duchovny, Carla Novi, Victor & Hester with Sarah Forrest and Virginia Hutchison and Text and Reading pieces


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